Ministry of Prose: making words work for your business

Your organisation is defined by words. In print and online, words create first and lasting impressions. With the right words you'll flourish. With the wrong words you'll languish in the doldrums... or worse.

My name is Alex Cruickshank and I write. That's all I do. I've been writing professionally since 1994. I write words that entice and entertain, words that intrigue and evoke and clarify, words that inform and influence. Words that work.

My current clients range from billion-dollar multinational corporations to small privately-owned companies with just a few dozen employees. Whoever you are, whatever your business, I can make words work for you.

What can I write for you?

Compelling, engaging online content: vital to your success, your online presence defines your business. I've written effective and compelling online content for corporations, small businesses and government departments. I'll do it for you.

Content Marketing: if you're in PR or marketing, you'll know that content is king. I'll write real, engaging stories for and about your clients' businesses. My prose will help you promote your clients in an ethical, viral, legitimate way.

Proof-reading: don't let grammatical, contextual or spelling errors reduce your brand's impact. I'll check all your content with a fine-toothed comb. From brochures to books (novels and non-fiction) I can proof it all.

Editing: corporate magazines, white papers, etc. I'll handle the whole process (commissioning, subbing, editing, proofing) using your preferred writers or my own.

Pitches, bids and tenders for new business contracts: you only get one chance. I'll stack the odds in your favour with words that stand out from the page and stick in the mind.

Press releases: I'll tailor your press releases to specific publications, giving you the best chance of obtaining valuable coverage in print and online.

Anglo-proofing: so the user documentation for your product reads like it was translated from the original Chinese using software written in India by a Frenchman? I'll fix that.

PR & advertising: I'm not a PR or advertising agency, but I'll work with yours to add value to your public relations activities and advertising campaigns.

Fiction: I also write science fiction, just for fun. You can find out more here.

How do I do it?

In a word: psychology. Thoughts are words, and thought is processed through language: the mind has a voice. Words shape our thinking and affect our behaviour. We are all creatures of prose.

As the Ministry of Prose Chief Wordsmith, I use cognitive psychology to sculpt textual content that engages with the human mind, for the maximum impact on your target audience.

My work is informed by nudge techniques, the theories of Chomsky and others, NLP, the interaction between the visual cortex and Broca's area, CBT and many other branches of research.

It's not magic: it's the combination of good writing and cognitive psychology.

Why should you hire me?

Employees are rarely trained in word-craft, nor hired for their writing skills. Your staff may be wonderful in their given roles, but without the right words your business is losing out to competitors who fully understand the value of well-written prose.

I am adept at writing good quality prose. It's innate, hard-wired. I craft words into linguistic structures that entice, entertain, inform and influence in equal or variable measure. It's not just what I do: it's who I am.

So I'll write your important words for you, the words that present your company to the world. Whatever the style, whoever the audience, from a few hundred words to tens of thousands, I'll write new life into your business.

Contact me

You've read about what I do, how I do it and why it's so important for your business. Now it's time to talk about your specific requirements.

Get in touch with me, Alex Cruickshank, via Let's have words.

Alternatively, if you'd first like to know a little more about my background and how I work, read this. And if you'd like to read some thoughts on the use of psychology and prose in business (it's a blog by any other name), read this.

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