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Welcome to the blog. Here's where I publish a collection of thoughts, rants and ideas about the interaction between words and psychology in a business environment, plus a few insights into writing technology and related matters. Please choose one of the links below.

Thoughts on words and psychology

Alex Cruickshank's writing machines: Panasonic KX-E700m (April 2019)
heavy, solidly-built word-processor from the 1980s.

Living without a smartphone and social media in 2019 (April 2019)
yes, it's still possible.

Words of a different kind (March 2018)
my first foray into fiction.

Meltdown, Spectre and the biological paradox of technology (January 2018)
pragmatic Luddism sometimes has its benefits.

Alex Cruickshank's writing machines: MTC Turbo XT (October 2017)
reliable old PC with green and amber monochrome screens and two keyboards.

Alex Cruickshank's writing machines: E-System 3090UK (August 2017)
much-modified laptop with lovely keyboard.

The Prose Engine (July 2017)
turning words into websites.

Reinventing the wheel (July 2017)
every day is Groundhog day for today's technology start-ups.

Upping sticks (April 2017)
all around the world, or at least halfway.

Alex Cruickshank's writing machines: AlphaSmart Dana (January 2017)
the laptop alternative that never quite was.

Beating writer's block (September 2016)

Alex Cruickshank's writing machines: Psion Series 3mx (February 2016)
thumbs moving at the speed of write.

A new year's resolution of sorts (December 2015)
words, but different ones.

Writing and coding (November 2015)
two sides of the same coin.

Alex Cruickshank's writing machines: Palm IIIxe (October 2015)
good things come in small and folding packages.

Felling the money tree (September 2015)
an ongoing search for meaning.

Five years to change the world (August 2015)
help me create something wonderful.

Alex Cruickshank's writing machines: Toshiba T3200SX (July 2015)
I'm feeling decidedly orange.

Alex Cruickshank's writing machines: Panasonic Sr Partner (June 2015)
portable computer weighing more than a medium-sized dog.

Teaching tomorrow's hackers (May 2015)
sharp young minds thrive on tech knowledge.

Stand in the place where you work (April 2015)
it's good to stand up for your writes.

Personal isn't the same as important (March 2015)
first Banks, now Pratchett. It hardly seems fair.

Daddy, tell me a story! (February 2015)
the role of narrative in online business content.

Computers can't read (January 2015)
reading algorithms don't have brains.

Gone, but not forgotten (January 2015)
absent writer friends.

Alex Cruickshank's writing machines: Psion Series 5mx (December 2014)
the pocket writing machine that never gets old.

Alex Cruickshank's writing machines: AlphaSmart Neo (November 2014)
the perfect tool for NaNoWriMo.

Alex Cruickshank's writing machines: Juki Sierra 3200 (October 2014)
when is a typewriter not a typewriter?

How often do you upgrade your toaster? (September 2014)
old technology doesn't have to be thrown away.

Active voice, passive tense (August 2014)
goodbye internet.

Delayed for a good reason (July 2014)
I have an excuse.

The definition of good writing (June 2014)
what is it, and can it be taught?

Entertain to inform (May 2014)
the light-hearted approach isn't as easy as it looks.

Tools of the trade (April 2014)
finding the right gadget to help you write.

March of the machines (March 2014)
computers are becoming cleverer, faster, which is a problem.

Tweet twice for yes, once for no (February 2014)
the effect of social media on content creation.

Hearing your corporate voice (January 2014)
listen carefully to the sound your business makes.

I ate, I shot, I left (December 2013)
tiptoe through the garden of grammar pedantry.

Speech to text (November 2013)
how to get words out of your mind and onto the page.

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